Fishing in Storfors
Wermland is the land of the glimmering lakes. But it is not only the sunbeams that hits the lakes surface. In lakes and streams you can see the shimmer of fishes in a wide variety. Wermland is a fishing and waterland. An area with a lot to give to the adventures angler.
What kind of fish? When, where and how?

One of the most coveted fish for the angler is the pike. If it's your favorite fish, then wermland is a place to go to. There is not only plenty of pikes, there are big pikes. Yearly there are nunerous "Crocs" above 10 kg caught and almost every year there are a "monster" above 15 kg caught.
The pikefishing is at is best at spring and autumn, but in deep and cold lakes you can find pikes even during the summer, specially at dawn or the night. A great time to catch pike is after it's spawning period when the fish is need to eat alot. When the pike goes into shallow water is bait casting with artificial baits or angling with baitfish good methods to catch them. If the pike goes deep trolling with big wobblers is an effective way to catch them.

The fish most people come into contact with is the perch. A striped fighter with a tasty flesh. If you ever have experienced a quiet summer eve where half-a-kilo perches hunts at the surface you will want to do it again.
The best period for catching perch is from middle of June to September. You can use a varaity of baits for catching perch, like diffrent lures, small fish and worms. In the autumn when the perch goes deep fishing from boats with jig and shiny lures is very effective. Jig fishing for perch in the winter is also very popular.

Many people ranks the zander as the most interesting fish for anglers. Beside that it's considered a delicacy. The zander is a bit mystical because it spends most of the year in deep water. In the early summer it goes into shallower water to reproduce. You hace to have lokal knowledge of these places. In some lakes oyu may not catch the zander during the spawning period. Try before and after the prohibition time.
As the temperature in the lakes rises the zander becomes more and more active. A wam summer usually gives a good time to catch zanders.The most common method is to, at night, trolling with surfacegoing lures. Jigs are good while you do some spinnfishing and live baits as small perches or bleak is good for angleing.

White fish
There are a great number of species like the Ide, bream, roach, crucian carp, tench, and rudd also in some waters even common carp. The season is between end of april to the middle of october with a high in the early summer and early autumn.

Other fishing
in addition the the spicies already described there are some other interesting possibilities. There are several smaller lakes where there is continuously releasing catch ready rainbow trout and trout, so-called put-and-take waters. Here are the chanses to catch fish good and it is well suited for family fishing. Angling and spinnfishing with small lures works most of the time.
Other spicies the angler may come into contact with is common whitefish, burbot and eal. The common whitefish and the burbot is mostly caught while fishing throug ice and the eal during ledgering fishing on dark summernights.
It's a good thing to plan a fishingtrip well. It's also important to learn the regulations that applies to the lakes you will be fishing in. There are regulations that applies to the county of wermland and special regulations for each lake. You should presume that you need a fishing permit in all lakes.In medium size and big lakes you will achieve the best results if you do your fishing from a boat or a canoe.