Lårhöjds-trail 13 km:
This hiking-trail starts and ends at Badsta camping and supports beautiful views over Storfors lakes and forrests.
About half way the trail is the "Lårhöjds" cabin where you can pause for a moment or even spend the night. There is a windshelter where you can make a camp fire and enjoy the nature.

Rövar(robber) trail 14 km:
This trails starts at Badsta Camping and then you choose if you want to continue north to "Hornkullens" silvermines or south to "Bjurbäckens" locks for a coffee break.
If you go south you will pass the once feared "rövarkulorna" (robber caves). The caves was a place where robbers lay waiting for victims.

Silverleden (Silver trail) 22 km:
You start from Badsta camping and ends in Hornkullens silvermines.In "Prästbäcken" you can enjoy a coffee break before you continue to a guided tour in the mines.

Åsjöleden 26 km :
IF you start from Badsta camping the trail is 32 km long. This trail is suited for a 2 days hike if you like to spend the night. A good place to spend the night is by "Trettondetjärnen" (thirteenth tarn) where the water is crystall clear and there is a fireplace.

Lungälvsleden 30km:
This trail i beautiful situated by "Lugnälven" (calmriver). Beautiful nature with chances to see both beaver and elk. This trail is suited for a 2 day hike. There is a windshelter by the trail to spend the night in.